• The association

    The association
    Nazra provides local solutions to families in Syria in order to improve their daily lives and help them regain better future

    Our association is not-for-profit and is registered in France (number W381013472) since 2012.
  • Inès


    Even as a child Inès dreamt of being able to read Arabic. She has notably studied the language at the University of Damascus.

    Out of love for those who welcomed her so warmly and out of duty to the people of this sister nation, she set up the Nazra Syria charity.
  • Maamoun


    Maamoun is Syrian. He came to France to study for one year but he's never been able to return. Maamoun has always carried out voluntary work. When the situation in Syria deteriorated, helping out was unquestionable for him.
  • Louisa


    Touched by the plight of refugees forced to flee to Europe, Louisa joined Nazra as it allows Syrians to rebuild their lives in their country.
  • Myriam

    Project Officer

    Myriam is a Swiss psychologist of Syrian origin. She lived in Syria in 2008 and still has many relatives there. She led - amongst other things - the Christmas packages project in December 2015 and the Eid-el-Fitr packages project in July 2016.
  • Emily


    Emily comes from Scotland and lives in Brussels so her daily life is a juggling act between English and French. Moved by the situation in Syria, she wanted to use her language skills to help spread the word about Nazra.
  • Diana

    Graphic designer 

    Indonesian by origin, but born and raised in Sweden, Diana made the choice to move to France in 2007. Feeling extremely fortunate to have that freedom, and to live in peace, she joined Nazra to help those who don't have that same luck and have no other choice but to live in difficult situations.
  • Agathe

    Newsletter & Communication

    Agathe lives in France and as always been fascinated by Syrian culture and history. Convinced that Nazra's work with Syrian families is of vital importance in the current context, she joined the association to contribute to its development.