Solar ovens

This project was born from the realization that numerous families cannot cook anymore, since the price of gas has been multiplied by 25 from the beginning of the conflict. In total, 15 solar ovens and 45 rocket stoves have been given to families in need in 2017.

  • The needs

    Thanks to Bidoun's expertise - a Syrian group addressing renewable energy - and thanks to your generous donations, we have got the amount we needed and the project has started. 

    Objective : 15 solar ovens and 45 rocket stoves*

    *rocket stoves are flame burners that allow for food to be cooked in pans, a perfect combination to the solar ovens

  • The coordinators of the project

    Abu Salah supervises the construction of the ovens/rocket stoves and the purchasing of materials.

    Rafat is responsible for the distribution of the ovens/rocket stoves and will instruct the families on their use. 

    Both of them wish to introduce their compatriots to renewable energies and encourage the spreading of knowledge in order to promote the multiplication of initiatives such as this one in Syria.

  • Stage 1 : making the rocket stoves

    The rocket stoves are all made by local artisans in Syria

  • Stage 2 : construction of the ovens

    After the Rocket stoves, the construction of the Solar ovens has begun.
    All primary materials have been bought locally and this project also allows for 2 people (carpenter and welder) to gain a salary.

    The local team is very enthusiastic !

  • Stage 3 : Distribution & Training

    Now that the rocket stoves and the ovens are completed, we have started to distribute them to families.

    At the same time, Rafat and Abu Salah have trained 3 women to use solar ovens, they start by cooking some dishes, to familiarise themselves with the oven, before promoting them to other women in the village. 

  • Recap

    And here is a recap of the whole project !