• How does Nazra get in touch with the families ?

    Many Syrians have a small mobile phone with a calling card that enables us to contact them directly. Some families even have a smartphone or are able to borrow one from a neighbor. This enables them to send us photos.

    The phone network in Syria is random and access to electricity is limited (on average, it works 2-3 hours each day), but this is still enough to maintain regular contact with the families.
  • How is the money sent to the families ?

    All the money we are raising is sent via Western Union (a money transfer agency). This allows us to ensure the money goes directly to the beneficiaries (sent to their individual names). Since 2016, Western Union has waived their fees for all transfers to Syria (humanitarian aid) which is a great news.

  • How do we select the beneficiary families ?

    We only work with families that we know directly. There is no selection based on religion (Shiite Muslims, Sunnis, Druze, Christians).

    We are aware that the number of people we are helping only represents a very small fraction of the Syrian people but it is the only way to ensure that the money can be traced and to guarantee that resources are allocated reliably.
  • How do we ensure that the money reaches its destination ?

    The money is delivered by Western Union on presentation of an identity card only. Moreover, we contact the families by telephone once they have withdrawn the money and publish photos (whenever possible) of what they have been able to achieve with the funds
  • Are my donations tax deductible ?

    Donations through our organization are not yet tax deductible. Our application to obtain Tax Exemption status has been submitted. Tax Exemption status will enable donors to benefit from a 66% tax deduction on donations.